Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Portrait of a Humanitarian

The New York Times profiles today a wonderful man named Mahmoud Youssef Barghouti -- decent and kind, smiling and sweet -- a person of fine character and a credit to the other fine fellows at the Hamas murder gang. "Head High, Hamas Member Returns From Israeli Jail" is the headline.

Of course "head held high." What has he got to be ashamed of? As a matter of fact, who exactly is this guy? Why does he warrant a lengthy profile on page three of the Times, lavishly illustrated with photographs -- except for his honored position as a member of a terrorist group?

The author of this pap, Steven Erlanger, doesn't bother to tell us. What he does tell us is that this is a wonderful, wonderful man! A family man:
His daughter, Hanin, 12, was in tears, burying her face in his waist; he lifted his son Basel, 5, a serious boy in a crew cut who stared around him. He hugged his wife, Fadia, brushing his lips along the embroidered brown scarf that covered her hair.

Nowhere do we get a sense that some of the people killed by Barghouti and/or the other fine fellows of Hamas also included a lot of little boys and girls as well. All we know is that this particular loving father owns a grocery store and is innocent!

"He insists he was never involved with the Qassam Brigades, the Hamas military wing." "Military" in this case being Times-speak for "murderers of civilians, including women and children."

It goes on and on like that, this once-great paper serving in its accustomed role, as shill for terror groups and apologist for terrorists.


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