Sunday, March 19, 2006

CJR's Daily Lousiness

I must confess that I had not been reading CJR's daily web product, known by the imaginative name CJR Daily, very much lately -- except to see whether it had covered the New York Times's latest credibility disaster.

So I just perused it today and I have to say that it is worse than I had expected. Practically unreadable, predictably slanted -- this is an offspring of the notoriously left-leaning CJR, after all -- and unsophisticated.

A good example of the Daily's output is this piece knocking the media for not gushing over the move to censure the president, and this one clapping the Los Angeles Times on the back for publishing stuff harmful to the military in Iraq. Attaboy!

Oh, the Daily can be negative when its ideological feathers aren't ruffled, or when a conservative media outlet is doing its job. Take this piece kicking Barron's last month for a story critical of Google's stock price. Hello? That's an investment weekly. Its job is to provide investment judgments of stocks. You'd think a journalism watchdog site would know that. (I suppose the Barron's/Dow Jones conservative editorial posture had absolutely nothing to do with this cheap shot.)

Speaking of which, I saw nothing in the Daily on the recent SEC subpoena of two reporters. Not surprising. They worked for Dow Jones!

The parent CJR is, of course, little more than a thinly disguised variation on The Nation, given that its "chairman" is none other than moonbat and former Nation publisher Victor Navasky. The David M blog has written extensively on the long-hidded CJR-Navasky ties, and I have as well, such as here.

With such underwhelming articles, it's little wonder that CJR Daily has had little impact -- as evidenced by the paucity of comments.

CJR is undisguisedly left-leaning, but CJR Daily is predictably left-leaning and just flat-out bad. Guess it had to figure out some way to differentiate itself!

UPDATE: The Daily did a damn good piece on March 21 skewering the World's Worst Media Columnist, Jon Friedman of Much as I am pleased to read this moron's work being ripped to shreds, as I have on many occasions, I couldn't help but note that his employer is owned by the aforementioned, conservative Dow Jones.

Would the CJR Daily similarly dismember a Maureen Dowd or Frank Rich? Don't bet on it.


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