Friday, March 10, 2006

Return of the Israel-Bashing-Israeli

There's nothing that Israel-bashers love more than Israelis bashing Israelis -- a natural product of the Israeli democracy that you never see anywhere else in the Middle East. Indeed, you're far more likely to see an Israel-bashing-Israelis in a conference anywhere in the Arab world than you are to see an Arab-bashing-Arab anywhere on Planet Earth.)

That brings me to today's manifestation of this phenomenon, a New York Times op-ed piece by Gershom Gorenberg describing how the bad, horrible, lawless Israelis violated interenational law from the gitgo by daring to allow Jews in the formerly Judenrein West Bank and Gaza.

This typical bit of I-B-I is deftly rebutted today in Israpundit. Nuff said.


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