Monday, March 26, 2007

'Wrong Man Fattah' Does it Again

Hassan "Wrong Man" Fattah, the New York Times reporter and Hezbollah sympathizer famed for the famous Abu Gharib wrong man screwup, is at it again. This time his journalistic genius is turned to the always heart wrenching tale of the poor, poor Palestinian refugees.

As Wrong Man would have it, these are a group of deeply wronged pacifists who would be more than happy to start other lives elsewhere. In Fattahland, not a single word is given to the destruction of Israel.

Forget everything you've been reading. All Israel has to do is to admit that it is to blame for their "plight" -- Israel and not the Arab nations who kept them in camps for six decades. Then that will make everything nice and go away.

What's amazing is not that the pro-Palestinian Times runs this pap, but that it does so from a reporter with a proven record of incompetence.

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