Thursday, April 05, 2007

Not a Racial Killing?

If you don't think this country is totally consumed by political correctness, particularly on racial issues, think hard about this:

A young couple, students from the University of Tennessee, were victims of a carjacking and were kidnapped, raped, tortured and eventually murdered by five people. Read this gruesome account:

According to reports, (the man's) penis was then cut off before he was shot several times and set on fire, all while his girlfriend watched. His body was then dumped alongside train tracks. Christian was kept alive and gang-raped multiple times over a span of four days. Her breast was cut off while she was still alive and her kidnappers sprayed cleaning fluid into her mouth to cleanse it of DNA. Her body was then put into a garbage can.

The attackers were of a different race.

Now, if the victims were black and the perpetrators were white, this would be front page news around the country. But the victims were white and the alleged perpetrators were black.

This atrocity has been ignored by the media. Note this analysis in the Conservative Voice.

If you can find a better example of PC gone haywire, let me know.

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