Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Gaza Crying Towel

The poor, poor Palestinians are getting buckets of tears sloshing their way by the international news media, which has swallowed whole the line of propaganda sold by the Palestinians and their apologists.

Central to the weeping and wailing is that the poor, poor Palestinians are going without electricity. Isn't that awful? Thus we get this kind of weeping and wailing in the anti-Israel British media, such as the linked story originating in The Independent.

The BBC functioned, as usual, as a branch of the Hamas Ministry of Propaganda, replete with a photo essay showing dark streets and children weeping on cue. No parallel treatment was afforded the Israeli towns undergoing systematic terror rocket attacks.

The New York Times, naturally, supplied buckets of tears of its own.

No media outlet seems to be recording the obvious, which is: Since when is a country required to supply electricity to a country with which it is at war?

Excuse me, but did Britain supply electricity to Germany during the Blitz? Yet reporters at this same country expect Israel to do the same, despite the daily rain of rockets on Israeli border towns.

It's hard to find a better example of Palestinian media manipulation and bias against Israel.