Friday, May 13, 2005

Israpundit Scoops the Media-Watchers

A fascinating item on the sliminess and pro-Palestinian bent of the overseas press corps in Israel appeared today on Israpundit. Dani Seaman, who is director of the Israel Government Press Office, is cracking down on abuses by the hacks stationed there.

The Israpundit item, correctly titled "About Time," is compelling for many reasons. Here's the most serious allegation:

Seaman charges that under direct orders of Yasser Arafat, foreign media representatives such as Reuters, AP, CNN, ABC and CBS have for years employed Palestinian editors and directors who determine news content. According to sources that Seaman will not reveal for fear that they would suffer professional and perhaps personal retribution, Palestinian employees of these news outlets are fully coordinated.
The Israpundit piece goes on and on in that regard, naming names. I strongly suggest going to the link and reading it.

Here's my question, one that I have asked several times in the past: Where are the media watchdogs? Why won't CJR, Romanesko etc. touch any of this stuff? Why is it more likely you'll read a puff piece of the Jon Friedman variety or some trash about a minor spat somewhere than anything about the serious issues Israpundit is raising?

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