Saturday, May 14, 2005

Ithaca Journal's Silence Broken?

For the past week, the Ithaca (N.Y.) Journal, part of the Gannett chain, has been silent in the face of a national uproar over an anti-Semitic outburst on May 7 by "guest columnist" Sandy Wold. The latter's ravings were a byproduct of brain-dead editing on the part of the editors of the Journal, who allowed some nitwit to rant--in an ostensible "essay on Mother's Day"--that "Zionist Jews in Israel have occupied Palestinian land in the name of God and victimhood."

The pinhead herself issued a non-apology apology on the Internet, but nothing appeared in the paper. Ithaca, as we all know, is in the bucolic Great Lakes region of New York. Have all the editors up there gone fishing?

Well, a reader tells me that a Journal exec assured him in an email that an apology will appear in today's edition, and also indicated emphatically that there will be no repetition of this unfortunate incident. (The exec's lame excuse for the delay was that it would appear on Saturday because the pinhead's column was on Saturday.)

That's all for the good. However, as of this morning, no such apology has appeared on the Journal's website.

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