Saturday, July 23, 2005

Reuters 'Witnesses' Are Back

It's back to normal at the Reuters "news" service. Just two days after wiping egg off its face for relying on Palestinian "witnesses" who turned out to be fabricators, Reuters again passes on the dissembling of Palestinian "witnesses" who have been proven to be liars, time and time again.

This time, Reuters parrots the Palestinian "bystander canard," claiming that a Palestinian killed in a shootout with Israeli troops was a "bystander." The accounts of notoriously unreliable unnamed Palestinian "witnesses" and "medics" is given equal weight to the Israeli military's assertion that the casualty was an armed combatant.

As happened the other day, Reuters serves as a conscious, willful conduit for terrorist dissembling. A responsible news organization, knowing that Palestinian "witnesses" often spin fairy tales, would either disregard them completely or treat them skeptically and always publish the names of the "witnesses" and "medics."

Another reason to call the editor of your local paper and tell him to dump Reuters.

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