Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Good Sense in India vs. Stupidity at the Times

Apropos my item earlier today on an erroneous, typically slanted New York Times editorial on Ariel Sharon, it is interesting to contrast that with an editorial that appeared today in The Pioneer, an Indian daily newspaper.

The Pioneer opined, in an editorial entitled "Perils of Moderation":

. . . Unfortunately, the commonplace wisdom that moderation is a pre-condition for settling conflicts does not hold good when one is dealing with murderous, Islamist terrorists of the Hamas variety who only understand the language of superior force. Mr Sharon has no doubt made it plain that he would not talk to a Palestinian Government that included Hamas. The latter, however, may have to be included in the Government if it does well in the elections to be held on January 25, 2006. Should this happen, Mr Sharon will realise what many following the beaten track on which he has embarked have done in the past - moderation does not pay against terrorism.
Interesting that people in New Delhi get clear-headed analysis like this, while New Yorkers are subjected to typical Times drivel.

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