Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Syria: No Jews Allowed

A reporter is denied entry to a country solely because of his race, color, or religion. Sound like a great story, don't you think? And it is -- and it is happening. But the country is Syria, the reporter is a Jewish gent named Aaron Klein, Jerusalem Bureau Chief of WorldNetDaily -- and the silence has been deafening.

Here's a story on the subject from WorldNet. Klein, who also hosts a nationally syndicated radio show, had planned to enter the country from Jordan, and was refused. The following discussion ensued, according to the article:

Klein spoke to an official from the Ministry of Information in Damascus who declined to provide his name. At first he refused to suggest why Klein had been singled out and prevented from entering the country. Later, however, he asked:
"What religion are you?"
Klein said he refused to answer. "You know what you are," said the official.

Where's the hue and cry from the journalism community? Where's the media? Where's Romenesko? Where's Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press? Where's etc. etc. and etc.? They're all AWOL, and it's pretty disgusting.


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