Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Friedman Gets a Reciprocal Wet Kiss From Auletta

Payback time!

The World's Worst Media Columnist, Jon Friedman of Marketwatch, was the subject of a gag-inducing profile in PR Weekly yesterday. And who stepped up to the plate to heap praise on Jon than none other than Ken Auletta of the New Yorker! Here's what Auletta said:

"Jon works harder than most reporters and bares none of the arrogance that usually emotes from [a] media cop. He has the humility to listen... yet he also sometimes displays sharp opinions and is critical of those he interviews, suggesting that he understands that he writes for his readers, not his subjects."

Great guy! You'd never know from reading that, that Friedman is a lightweight known mainly for puff pieces on....... guys like Ken Auletta! Yep, PR Weekly didn't bother to tell us that in May, Auletta was the subject of a puff piece by Friedman that was so nauseating that Jossip likened the story to a certain an unnatural act. (My take on it was a bit more tasteful, but no more favorable.) Friedman called Auletta the "conscience of the media," and that was some of his less lavish praise.

The profile also includes a timeline showing that Friedman spent the years 1991 and 1993 researching a book that, according to Amazon.com, came out in February 1992. Details! Details!

Attaboy, Jon! Knew those puff pieces would come in handy some day, didn't ya? Lucky for you, your puff piece was by some hack who is as clueless as you are!


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