Friday, April 14, 2006

Mediacrity Has a Contributor!

Ever notice that sometimes I say that "a reader suggests this" or "a reader recommended." Well, very often that reader is one particular individual -- a non-journalist who is, let me tell you, one of the smartest and savviest media observers I know.

I am pleased to say that he -- a male, and a Navy veteran, which is all I'm able to say at present -- is going to contribute every now and then, whenever the mood strikes.

So welcome to my contributor! It make take a few days (or weeks) before you see him here, but when you do, it will be worth it.

Meanwhile, I will continue to contribute myself. For various reasons I've cut back a bit on my posting in recent weeks, but I do hope to pick up at my former pace in the weeks to come.

-- The Mediacrity Blog