Sunday, April 02, 2006

Nothing Happened -- So It's Big News!

One of the permanent features of the Mideast conflict is a massive contingent of Israel-based reporters, one of the largest in the world, most hostile to Israel and seeking out every excuse to cooking up a "story" -- sometimes out of nothing.

We saw that today in a non-story that moved today on France's AFP news service.

"Israeli authorities have used rubber bullets and tear gas to break up protests during a routine transfer of Palestinian prisoners from a jail in the south, sources on both sides said," the story began.

But if you look a little further down, you see that the source of this "information" was "Palestinian prisoner affairs minister Wasfi Kabha." He went on to say that three prisoners were injured.

So far we have a very, very very minor story. But then we see that a spokesman for the Israeli prison administration saying as follows:

"Yes, we did fire into the air but not in front of them. No one was injured. I think that in one cell bloc (tear gas was used) but not in front of them," said Orit Stelser, who was at Ketziot prison during the transfer.
"There were no injuries, not one. We did not use force," she said.
What began as a very very very minor story is now revealed for what it is -- a non-story, given the proven habit of Palestinian "ministers" and other factotums of lying through their teeth at every opportunity.

So a non-event was hyped into a non-story with the assistance of one of the massive contingent of hacks encamped in Israel.

Makes you wonder. Why is Israel being so nice? The Israelis should toss out journalists caught functioning, as this AFP hack has done, as propagandists for the Palestinian cause.


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