Monday, May 01, 2006

Under the Gun on the West Bank

Just when you thought that an occasional moment of fairness might creep in to the chronically biased New York Times, its trusty Jerusalem bureau chief proves that it's on the job, shilling for the poor, poor Palestinians.

Note this article today and an accompanying photograph -- the photo appearing only in print and not online.

The article contains the usual Times formula for describing the security fence on the West Bank. The formula consists of not mentioning why the fence was erected -- suicide bombings -- and calling the fence a "separation barrier," thereby adopting the quasi-apartheid style rhetoric of anti-Israel polemicists.

But the real treat is the photo, which shows a looming Israeli soldier at the wall with his automatic weapon vividly magnified by a shadow. On the other side of the wall is a poor, poor elderly Palestinian. The message, as if you didn't get the picture already, is that those poor, poor Palestinians are being harmed by big bad Israel for no reason at all!

Back to business as usual at the Times, quite obviously.


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