Saturday, April 15, 2006

Palestinian Terrorist 'Victims' in the Times

Readers of the New York Times were treated today to what was (almost) a miracle! The Times ran on the front page an article on the victims of Palestinian terrorism. Imagine that. An article in the Times from the point of view of the victims, discussing their efforts to get redress. Not a single word excusing or "explaining" or justifying their acts.

A nice piece -- and, perhaps not coincidentally, a product of the metropolitan staff and not the notoriously anti-Israel foreign desk. However, the Times showed us elsewhere in the paper where its true feelings lie. The real victims are, of course, Palestinian terrorists!

The Times's loathsome Jerusalem bureau churned out a snotty little piece by John Kifner, a foreign desk oldtimer who used to work in the bureau years ago and is, apparently, working hard to re-establish his pan-Arab credentials.

In this piece, the world was turned back on its head again, with Palestinian murders now the "victims" of those heinous Israelis:

In the past week, 18 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli tank and artillery attacks. The latest victims were two gunmen from Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade who were killed on Thursday as they tried to get through a fence. [emphasis added]

Kifner also chided an Israeli general for giving a "spate of bellicose interviews" on the subject of those poor, persecuted Palestinians lobbing rockets at Israel.

Meanwhile, a particularly genocidal speech by the Iranian nutcase Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was not "bellicose" at all! Nosirree. As described by the Times, that speech was "somewhat more temperate" then previous ravings by this monster. Over on the editorial page, meanwhile, Times scribblers zeroed in on the true villain-- the Bush Administration, of course!

Oh well. The "miracle" was good while it lasted.


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