Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Payola Pundit Bites the Big One

Williams: A premature goodbye

It's been a while since I've examined the rants of the Payola Pundit, UN consultant-correspondent Ian Williams, famed for covering the UN while writing pamphlets and performing media training for UN officials. His shilling for the UN is usually too predictable to mention, but one recent act of clairvoyance warrants a mention.

A few weeks ago, Williams wrote a piece for The Nation entitled "Say Goodbye to Bolton," in which he gloated on the supposed impending departure of UN Ambassador John Bolton. The latter riles Williams for failing to show sufficient fealty to his family's sometime-employer.

As usual, Williams is only a few hudred miles off the mark. Today came word that Bolton's renomination was endorsed by what had been his leading Senate critic, Sen. George V. Voinovich of Ohio.

So I guess it's "goodbye" to Williams's credibility, not that he had much to begin with.


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