Thursday, June 15, 2006

UN's Chief Israel-Basher Pushed to Succeed Annan

A worthy successor to Kofi Annan!

For quite some time I've been chronicling the exploits of the UN's propaganda minister, the loathsome Shashi Tharoor. You name it, he's done it: overseen a fat, grotesquely wasteful propaganda apparatus, and run Israel-bashing media events featuring anti-Semites and professional hate-Israel polemicists.

Tharoor has had a hankering to succeed Kofi Annan as secretary general, and the media today reports that it's official. India, apparently putting national loyalty over common sense, has just officially nominated Tharoor for the job.

I have no idea if Tharoor has a chance of getting the job, but I will say this: as a waste-loving pal of anti-Semites, he is amply qualitified to follow in the footsteps of the discredited Annan.


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