Friday, May 12, 2006

A 'Press Critic' Wakes Up to the Empty Suit

Belated recognition

I see that Jack Shafer of Slate has finally woken up to what any casual reader -- and many blogs, including this one and Michelle Malkin -- have been saying for months: that Barney Calame is one awful New York Times "public editor."

Shafer fails to mention the widespread revulsion that Calame -- who I dubbed "The Empty Suit" way back in July -- has been causing among readers of the Times. No surprise there. Since the people complaining about the Suit have tended to beef about the Times's leftwing bias, they were invisible to the left-leaning Shafer.

Still his column makes for good reading. Glad he finally woke up. But the lateness of his column shows how the mainstream press critics have failed their readers in serving as watchdogs for this kind of thing.


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