Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Double Whammy in the Times

More signs today that the New York Times is reverting back to its accustomed role of shilling for the Palestinian cause in all its delightful incarnations.

First we have a story on a poor, poor Gaza family in a house unjustly shelled by the big, bad Israelis, and then grotesquely biased coverage of Islamic Jihad terrorist Sami al-Arian's sentencing in Florida. He got the book thrown at him, to the annoyance of the Times.

The syrupy coverage of the Gaza family, by Jerusalem bureau chief Steve Erlanger, is quintessential Erlanger. Told entirely from the point of view of the Palestinians, it barely touches on the cause of all the shooting going back and forth, which is Palestinians firing missiles at Israel.

Here's the real gem -- statistics by the far-left Btselem "human rights" group that lump in Palestinian terrorists with civilians in the casualty counts, making them meaningless.

The al-Arian sentencing piece reads as if it were written by the slick terrorist's defense team:

Indeed the outcome of the case against Mr. Al-Arian did little to resolve the conflicting portraits of his life.
The judge who tried the case just sentenced him to five years in prison -- and made it plain that there was no "conflict" here.

Hard to find a better example of muddled, biased, spitoon-quality Times coverage than what we saw today.


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