Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tharoor Balks at Stopping Bash-Israel Conference

The UN's chief of public information, Shashi Tharoor, is pushing hard to become the next Secretary General -- a post for which he is amply qualified by heading the UN's bloated, viciously anti-Israel propaganda apparatus. Today comes further evidence of just how qualified he is.

Today Cnsnews.com reports that Tharoor has refused to change by one iota an upcoming UN-paid annual "seminar" that is little more than yet another anti-Israel bash-fest.

Says Cnsnews.com:

"This year, Israel approached the head of the United Nations Department of Public Information Shashi Tharoor and asked him to call for a new resolution that would promote co-existence, cooperation and mutual programs between Israel and the Palestinians, but there was 'no will' to make a change, said another Foreign Ministry official.

"They are happy with the situation the way it is - excluding Israel, he said."

Nice work. Tharoor, as we'll recall, has a stellar record of championing anti-Israel propaganda "seminars," in one instance featuring a notorious anti-Semite. Alas, Tharoor has gotten little support in his quest for a promotion, with not even the Indian government supporting the Indian-born Tharoor. Too bad. He is so well-qualified!


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