Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Reuters Justifies Extortion

Of all the many noxious news articles to materialize since the Palestinian kidnapping of an Israel soldier a week ago, perhaps the worst was this drivel that moved on the Reuters wire today.

The poor, poor Palestinians have their panties in a twist, you see, that Israel may not bow down to extortion. Yup. They're emotin': "Prisoner swap an emotive issue for Palestinians," says Reuters.

"Since Palestinian militants captured [sic] an Israeli soldier 10 days ago, Mahmoud Murib has prayed the Jewish state will meet the captors' demands to free prisoners, including his 15-year-old son," said Reuters, visibly moved by the situation. "'The hopes of the people are hanging on this soldier,' said Murib, who says his son was detained five months ago when Israeli forces entered their refugee camp just outside the West Bank city of Ramallah."

The poor dear! Now, just why was he "detained," you ask? Gee, I searched through that story very carefully, and I couldn't find a reason -- nor the reason why another poor, poor Palestinian's six brothers all happen to be "held" by the bad, bad Israelis.

That's Israel for you -- "detaining" Palestinians for no visible reason, awaiting a legitimate exchange for a "captured" Israeli soldier. "God willing, they will let the Palestinians go safely back to their families and the soldier will go back safely to his family," said one Palestinian whose wife was detained for no Reuters-stated reason by the Israelis.

They must be innocent! Such is the Reuters fantasy land of innocent Palestinians detained for no reason, to be exchanged because of a soldier captured in a "legitimate" military operation. Extortion? Not in the view of this "news" agency.

What I wonder is this: Reuters has credentials to "report" the news, no doubt issued by the state of Israel. Why in heaven's name haven't they been revoked?


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