Sunday, April 08, 2007

The 'Chilling Effect' of Common Sense

Don't you think it would make this country safer if illegal immigrants are allowed to roam unhindered around the country -- without the police to worry about?

That preposterous mindset can be found, not in some Moonbat rag but in this Associated Press story out of San Francisco.

Seems an "activist attorney" by the bay wants a judge to compel "San Jose police to follow state law and turn suspects who might be in the U.S. illegally over to immigration authorities. "


Aside from the usual left-wing pap, we get the following:

Mark Silverman, director of Immigration Policy for the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, said the filing could have a "chilling effect" on immigrants' cooperation with police.

"It could actually endanger public safety," Silverman said.

Imagine that. Arresting illegal immigration is bad for our safety. What the AP misses is that this policy applies to arrested people. The cops would not be obliged to check the immigration status of anyone who drops by the station house.

The AP let this nonsense pass uncontradicted.

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