Sunday, May 15, 2005

If Okrent Knew

Good analysis on the CAMERA website yesterday debunking the claims of a pro-Palestinian wacko group called "If Americans Knew."

The sad thing is that CAMERA had to make this analysis, and not the New York Times--which was, after all, the target of their nonsensical allegations that the notoriously pro-Palestinian Times was "ignoring the deaths of Palestinian children." Instead, Public Editor Dan Okrent latched on to these wackos' rantings as an excuse not to make a thorough examination of Times coverage of the Middle East. (As discussed in an earlier item, such "convenient critics" come in handy for news organizations seeking to ignore genuine allegations of bias.)

Today Okrent turned over his column to letters from readers, which takes considerably less effort than analyzing Times coverage. Hurry up, Calame!

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