Monday, July 25, 2005

EI Denazifies Its Propaganda

In an item the other day I described how the crush-Israel website Electronic Intifada used a graphic straight out of Nazi propaganda to illustrate an article on the Forward. Thus the EI unwittingly let its deep-rooted Jew-hatred slip through its usual syrupy obfuscations and code words.

Well, the increasingly inept polemicists who run EI apparently read this blog, as they yanked out the Sturmer-style photo montage of a dollar bill with a Star of David superimposed on it. The EI item now is illustrated by a plain-vanilla Israel-bashing one (above, left). If you look carefully, you can see "Pushing Palestine Out of Sight" superimposed on the Forward graphic. Clever!

Hey, don't be mad at these guys. Imagine how you'd feel if you were a Jew-hating EI hack, steam pouring out of your ears, working hard to suppress your hate as you churn out crush-Israel propaganda that is spun for a wider audience. It's a tough job! Occasionally you foul up, and your true feelings shine through.

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