Saturday, July 23, 2005

Oops! EI Lets Its Inner Nazi Shine Through

As I've observed in previous items (such as this and this), the bozos who run the crush-Israel website Electronic Intifada are growing increasingly inept in their central purpose, which is to coat the dismemberment of Israel in a thick layer of propaganda honey. Try as they may, the venom keeps slipping out.

Thus in an article out today, a non-Palestinian EI Moonbat-contributor strikes a syrupy tone as he stumbles through an inconherent analysis of an article in The Forward on divestment. (You will note that he attends Bir Zeit University on the West Bank. Thus we have the irony, which is lost on this twit, that the hated Zionist entity allows a sworn enemy like him into the West Bank to attend school.)

Anyway, it's the kind of pseudo-intellectual tripe that might put you to sleep, were it not for the illustration at the top of the piece (above). EI being EI -- well, they just couldn't resist illustrating the article with an anti-Semitic photo montage showing a Star of David transposed on a dollar bill. It's straight out of Julius Streicher's Der Sturmer, or the Palestinian media for that matter.

Yep, you can take the Jew-baiting out of the rhetoric, but it's hard to purge anti-Semitism entirely when it is so much a part of your worldview (or perhaps I should say Weltanschauung). Oh well. Maybe next time. March on, EI! (Or perhaps I should say, "goose step on!")

UPDATE: As commenter Manker observes, EI has denazified its propaganda.

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