Sunday, July 24, 2005

Eyes Wide Shut in Blogland

Today's Quiz: If you were running a journalism blog, what would you write about over the past month? Please pick two:

1. Judith Miller
2. Terrorism coverage
3. Google Moon
4. David Akin's blog on hiatus

If you picked 3 and 4 -- well, you obviously are a devoted reader of a particularly insipid "journalism blog" called the Ijournalist. Way to go, Ijournalist! And they say journalists don't know good stories when they see 'em. Nonsense!

Someone brought this dufus to my attention because Ijournalist has a distinction that is worth noting. Whoever runs it is the only person on the planet who believes that the New York Times found out about Romenesko's salary by slogging through the 25 million IRS filings on Guidestar! I'd say his IQ is well up into the double digits, wouldn't you?

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