Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Sulzberger Template (again)

The New York Times today keeps up its 1.000 batting average, achieving a perfect score evading the truth in its editorials on the Middle East. As noted this morning in Backspin, today's editorial on the Palestinian "police" adheres perfectly to the Sulzberger Indifference Template by blaming Israel and ignoring Palestinian failings.

The editorial ignores the conclusions of a study, published by the Times, which said that structural reforms were required to turn a motley collection of gunmen into an actual police force. It also doesn't mention that the "policemen" have long participated in terrorist activities, which explains why Israel would be insane to give them armored vehicles, as recently proposed.

One aspect of the Times template is on full display here, which is the soft-peddling of Palestinian terrorism. The intifada -- i.e., systematic murder of Jews -- is described by the Times here as "ill-advised," which is actually milder than the invective tossed at Israel by the congenitally Israel-bashing Times.

Backspin commented today:
The Times editorial board's commitment to blame Israel has now overridden the very news item it comments on. Times editors are showing their true colors here -- it's not a question of subjective perspective, it's an institutionalized bias that grants legitimacy only to information that conforms to their fixed position.

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