Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Abbas as Lincoln

"Honest Abe" Abbas

Today the New York Times raises the curtain on the Palestinian elections with a predictable sop to terrorism. Mohammed Abbas, who still approves payments to terrorists, is portrayed in loving, almost Lincolnesque terms, and the murder gang Hamas is touted for having an "army."

In a story that reads like a Palestinian Authority press release, Jerusalem Bureau Chief Steven Erlanger touches all the usual bases in this one sentence:
He [Abbas] is a man of logic, not passion; a negotiator, not a politician; a man who sears a business suit, not a military uniform; a man who condemns violence, not incites it; a man who despises personality cults and refuses to put his face up in every office; a touchy man of dark moods. . .
Sort of like... well, sort of like Abe Lincoln, wouldn't you say?

After all, he faces, as Lincoln faced the Confederacy, "Hamas, with an army of 5,000 men." Army? A gang of terrorists is an "army"? With rhetoric like this, Erlanger spits in the faces of every veteran who has risked life and limb in an actual army -- not a murder gang like Hamas.

Such dipsy-doodle rhetoric has become a daily event at the Times, which has gone out of its way, in both its news and editorial pages, to promote a pro-Palestinian view of events. Such is the Times's longstanding policy, and it's getting more and more transparent and ridiculous.


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