Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Palestinian 'Military' in Action

Islamic Jihad today gave a crisp demonstration of a terror group's "military wing" in action -- dispatching a suicide bomber to a Tel Aviv sandwich shop. Almost two dozen wounded according to early reports.

What happened today is terrorism aimed at a civilian, not a military, target. Yet the media, time and time again, has referred to the people who carry out such atrocities as the "military" wing of groups like Hamas, and their tactics as "armed struggle."

As I reported here and here, Steve Erlanger of the New York Times has repeatedly used such disgraceful terminology in his reports -- a practice justified by Times editors.

Times policy on this subject has been rigid. As I reported in an item on Monday, the Times's Craig Smith brushed off a reader who called him to task on his use of the term "military" in describing Hamas terrorism, saying that he was just "parsing words."

In the Times today, Erlanger continued to whitewash Palestinian terror, saying that Hamas "remains committed, over the long term, to an end to the state of Israel and a single state of Palestine including the territory of Israel."

Erlanger doesn't mention that the aim is to establish an Islamic state of the Taliban variety in which minorities would have second-class status. His use of the term "long term" is an Erlanger invention, likening Hamas to a corporation with "long-term" revenue targets.

As can be seen from the group's fanatical, nutty charter, the goal of "liberating Palestine," is not a "long-term" goal. It is the group's only goal.

Honestreporting today has a good analysis of the media fantasy versus Hamas's homicidal reality. But the murder expedition in Tel Aviv today was far more eloquent than any analysis. The dismembered bodies and shrieking bictims show the real character of the terror groups that the media continues to downplay and even glamorize.


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