Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hamas, The Times, and Tom Sawyer

Remember the Mark Twain tale of Tom Sawyer and the whitewash? Tom was a canny kid who talked a whole bunch of kids into whitewashing his fence. Great story! Marvelous bit of Americana, and funny. Well, Hamas talked the New York Times into a whole fence-load of whitewashing today -- and it ain't the slightest bit funny.

CAMERA is out early with a full fisking of this truly nauseating Times story on the "Hamas TV" propaganda effort. As you can see from this excellent report by Tamar Sternthal, the Times slapped on coat after coat of whitewash on this murderous gang of killers.

Hamas really knows how to talk Times hacks and other media people into whitewashing but, hey -- with the Times, as I've pointed out time after time after time after time after.....well, as you can see, it is an easy sell!

I'm sending a copy of this item to the Empty Suit, Times "public relations editor" Barney Calame. Since he came on board nearly eight months ago, this management shill and parody of a newspaper ombudsman hasn't said so much as one word about the Times's coverage of the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

Come on, Barney! Looking forward to hearing your assurances that all of this bias is not really happening and that everything is under control.

UPDATE: IRIS has a good collection of links to the media's infatuation with Hamas.


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