Thursday, January 19, 2006

Yahoo! Shills for the Ayatollahs of Iran

Yahoo! has been sending around to Middle East "hot spots" a "reporter" named Kevin Sites, who has been sending back naive reports that parrot the pap he has been fed. Today his report is on the happy-go-lucky Christian and Jewish minorities in Iran. The headline: "We Are Citizens of This Country," with a "deck" reading: "In Iran, an Islamic theocracy, Christians and Jews occupy an unusual place. But it's not necessarily uncomfortable."

However, if you look further down, you read that the happy-go-lucky Jews of Iran are not permitted to travel freely or get government jobs. Gee, I guess they're "not necessarily uncomfortable" with being second-class citizens!

As for the Christians -- well, everything is just ducky. No problem there! Christians are just happy as lambs, really integrated, smiling and .... oops! What have we here? Seems Kev missed a whole lot of what is called "persecution." (Kev, if you're reading this, I have a definition for you from so you can figure out what that word means.)

Aw shucks. Can't win 'em all. But hey, why make readers of Yahoo! "uncomfortable" by telling the truth, when you can serve as PR spokespeople for tinhorn dictators?

UPDATE: David Gerstman of Soccer Dad emails to remind me that Kev here has shown his absence of grey matter several times in the past, as noted here and here and here.

Now that's what I like: Consistency!


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