Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Creep Returns

A noted Internet bigot by the name of Alex Seredin, operator of a tourist shop called Peter Pan Gifts in Delray Beach, Florida, slithered out from under a rock recently to growl and snarl and bark like a dog on Israpundit (see the comments).

Alex is upset that I wrote about him on Israpundit and this blog, here and here. This disgusting creep seems to think that the Delray Beach police department are going to come crashing through the walls of this little blog because I wrote about his "kike" rants in Internet newsgroups.

This isn't Nazi Germany, Alex, though I can understand your nostalgic feelings for the good old days.

Alex reminded me of something I've asked before. I'd still like to know why the streets in front of his plastic-flamingo shop aren't filled with picketers handing out leaflets exposing this slimy Internet bigot.


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