Monday, January 30, 2006

The Palestinian Insecurity Forces

While still savoring the Hamas defeat of Palestinian statehood that I noted earlier, I've observed the continuation of a longtime, annoying tendency of the media when they describe the Palestinian nuts who roam around Gaza and the West Bank with automatic weapons.

Just take a look at a story in the New York Times today, illustrated with a photo of the bozos on the left, and you'll see what I mean. The headline, caption and story all refer to these goofballs as the "Palestinian security forces."

Excuse me? Study that picture carefully. Do you see any "security forces" there? No, but there should be security forces on the scene -- to take away their guns and, hopefully, give them a good crack across the mouth. This is a picture of crazies with automatic weapons, paid for by your tax dollars.

Oh, and it's not just the Times. Pretty much the entire media, including the Israeli media and not just Haaretz, use the the term routinely.

So thus we have Palestinian "security forces" confronting Hamas. We have -- try to control the gag reflex, please -- a Palestinian "National Security Council," completing the comic book image of this Palestinian "government" as a kind of Groucho Marx joke a la Freedonia in Duck Soup.

What we have here is, yet again, a use of inappropriate terminology to disguise reality. In fact, as has been made abysmally clear in recent years, these "security forces" provide the very opposite of "security" for the Pals and are little more than a cover for terrorism and corruption. They are, if anything, an "insecurity force" that destabilize the region by, among other things, participating in attacks on Israeli civilians -- including, as has been noted several times, suicide bombing attacks.

But as usual the media will ignore logic and continue to call a gang of thugs a "security force." This forgets the principle that you can spray a pig with perfume -- but it's still a pig.

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