Sunday, January 29, 2006

More on the Hamas Defeat

A segment I just saw on CNN Live Sunday bears out what I've been saying -- the Hamas election victory is one heck of a PR disaster for the Pals! Since this war is waged in the airwaves as much as anywhere, that is a major blow to these cretins.

Remember -- this is CNN. Notorious, horrible CNN. The host was Carol Lin, and her segment began by nothing that Hamas was "already starting to make demands." She cut to the Hamas gang boss al-Zahar, with a green flag behind him, looking like an absolute, certifiable nut. In broken English he list his "demands," which include Israel retreating behind the '67 borders, a geographic link between Gaza and West Bank, etc. The "demands" were listed on screen in a graphic.

The segment then cut to Ehud Olmert walking to a podium, looking all dignified and presidential, and going on to note that Israel was calling on all governments to fight terrorism (or words to that effect). Here's a link but it doesn't capture the completely abysmal, cartoonish public image Hamas projected in the broadcast.

Guys, I'll leave the geopolitical discussions to my elders and betters. But from a strictly propaganda, PR perspective they are really down their in the dirt. Grind 'em down, guys.

UPDATE: Jeffy Jacoby in the Boston Globe has a good analysis on why the Hamas victory is such a terrific thing.

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