Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Devastating Blow (continued)

The devastating character of Hamas's numbing, crushing "victory" to the Palestinian propaganda apparatus is clear from perusing the Pals' chief Internet organ in this country, the Electronic Intifada. It ran two articles today that are illuminiating.

What you have to keep in mind is that the EI is supposed to show the "nice" face in this country and the West, the "we only want peace" part. It is very slick and very good, the very best the Pals have to offer. And what they offered up today is awfully nice to read, as it basically illustrates a return to the pre-1980s "crush Israel" propaganda model. To which I can only say, "Aw-right!"

The first was "The Hamas Victory: Green Dawn, Red Dusk?" Note this:

Hamas represents a definitive departure from the Oslo model and the humiliating false discourse it propagated. Palestinians rejected that they had to be a "partner to peace"; that they were the ones who had to prove that they were not the terrorists; and that "Israeli security and self-defense" was a legitimate premise in the peace process, necessitating all of Israel's subsequent actions. It is precisely this vocabulary which greased the wheels of the machines which actively sought to extinguish the Palestinian national movement for the past 5 years, and colonized Palestinian lands in the West Bank and Gaza for the past 38.

Well. What more can I add to that except "amen"? Note what I put in boldface. Attaboy, Toufic Haddad. Honesty is the best policy! Oh, and by the way, if I were you I'd be sure to keep up this line in the media. Good work!

We also have Palestine’s New Paradigm by Sam Bahour. After first expressing regret at seeing the Islamists' rise to power, and then whining on for several paragraphs about how miserably victimized the poor, innocent Pals have been over the years, Bahour goes on to express this refreshing sentiment: "If Palestinians must choose between their annihilation and their collective memory, their choice is most likely to be the latter and their time frame, the future."

Yes indeed! The future. Bahour also proclaims Oslo dead: "For the first time since the Oslo Peace Accords, Palestinian priorities are being set independent of foreign agendas." Toufic made much the same point about Oslo, you will note. So now it's unanimous. Oslo is dead. Whew! Now is that a relief or what?

What we see here, from the Pal's "best foot forward" Internet organ, is an end -- at least for the time being -- of all the hypocritical "we want peace" blather that has wowed the media. It's right there for everyone to read, in English.

I keep on saying "for the time being" because I don't know how long all this good fortune is going to last. Stay tuned.


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