Monday, July 31, 2006

Inside Today's Beirut Times

The Beirut Times (New York edition) (a/k/a "The New York Times) continued its gavel-to-gavel coverage of the poor poor defenseless Lebanese villagers being pounded unmercifully and for no reason whatsoever by those horrible Israelis. Coverage even extended to the Arts pages, where the Beirut Times discussed how those horrible Israelis have cripped the local cultural secene.

The B.T., as it is affectionately known, ventured into enemy territory for a perfunctory story that finally told what happened to all those hundreds of thousands of Israelis forced out of their homes by Hezbollah death rockets. You've got to figure there has been no impact on the Israeli cultural scene as there was no article on that, but it wouldn't matter anyway, they being the enemy and this being the Beirut Times.

Inside the paper was a full-page ad (STOP THE SLAUGHTER, blah blah blah) calling for Israeli surrender to terrorism. This was from the usual suspects of the anti-Israel-Jewish community, including Michael Lerner, Artie Waskow, and other kooks and moonbats. You really have to wonder why these clowns bother. Since we know what they are going to say at any given moment -- Israelis bad bad bad! -- do they really have to say it?

Also it was strange that they paid good money to run their ad in the B.T., since the viewpoint of these cretins is already reflected throughout the paper at no additional charge.

By the way, the ad made no call for the release of the Israeli hostages. That would get in the way of peace! Not to mention the even more important goal of surrender to terrorism. In that goal they have an ally in Hezbollah's home town newspaper, The Beirut Times.


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