Sunday, July 23, 2006

Nicholas Kristof: Terrorist Appeaser or Just Plain Dumb?

That is the question that confronts the civilized world today, after a "be kind to your local terrorist" column by Nicholas Kristof that is -- even by the degraded standards of the New York Times -- singularly stupid.

Kristof argues that Israel needs to learn from the good example of Spain and Britain, both of which caved in to their own local terrorists, the IRA and Basque separatists. Israel needs to do the same with Hezbollah -- even though Hezbollah seeks the destruction of Israel and the Basque and Irish terrorists weren't seeking the dismantlement of Spain and Britain.

Don't bomb them, negotiate with them, says Kristof. He argues that "one reason this bombardment [in Lebanon]— like the invasion in 1982 — is against Israel’s own long-term interest has to do with the way terrorism is likely to change over the next couple of decades."

Terrorism -- stop the presses! -- is going to get worse. So, fight back? Nosiree.

No, it is much more in Israel's "long term interests" (which Kristof knows much better than the Israelis themselves, of course) to simply do nothing while the rockets and missiles rain down and "reach a final peace agreement, involving the establishment of a Palestinian state (because states can be deterred more easily than independent groups like Hamas)."

Yes, establish a Palestinian state for... hey, wait a second. Hezbollah already has a state. A nice one. All of Lebanon as its sandbox. Etc. etc. I mean, no point in going into detail, as it is obvious to pretty much everyone except Nicholas Kristof, the man who knows what's best for Israel but probably can't find the Bekaa Valley on a map.

I'm not making this up. You have to read this column to see what I mean.

Either Kristof is so charged up about appeasing terrorists that he forgot that Hezbollah is in Lebanon and not in Gaza, and that it wants to destroy Israel and couldn't care less about a "final peace agreement" -- or he is just plain dumb.


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