Thursday, August 03, 2006

A UN Hack's 'Tribute' to Rachel Corrie

Today comes word of what surely must be the most wretched book to hit the market since the Julius Streicher Cartoon Collection. This one is an e-book called "We are them. They are us: A celebration of the writings of Rachel Corrie," who gave her life for the cause of Palestinians killing Jews.

As two reviews noted on, this e-book is adapted from an article in the Israel-bashing Washington Report on Middle Eastern Affairs, and is dishonest, out-and-out terrorist propaganda that pleads the cause of the noxious International Solidarity Movement.

To top everything off, the author of this wretched tome is none other than Laura Angela Bagnetto, Saudi Press Agency correspondent and First Vice President of the scandal-plagued, Saudi-dominated UN Correspondents Association.

Glad to see that the ethics-deficient UN hacks organization is living up to its promise, and working hard to promote one of its favorite causes. Bagnetto has a website where you can leaf through photos of her fellow UN hacks frolicking -- when they're not writing books cozying up to terrorist icons.


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