Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Story You'll Never Find in the Grey Lady

There are literally thousands, of course, but one stood out to a regular reader of this blog. It is an article in the New York Sun about a historian of the Vietnam War named Mark Moyar.

Moyar is a graduate of Harvard and Cambridge with a prodigious academic record. Says the Sun: "Before he had even begun graduate school, he had published his first book and landed a contract for his second book. Distinguished professors at Harvard and Cambridge wrote stellar letters of recommendation for him."

Yet Moyar can't find a job. Why? Because he is a conservative. The Sun reports:
A contrarian among most Vietnam scholars, he does not believe it was a mistake for America to have gone into Vietnam. In carefully argued prose using previously unexamined sources, he marshals support for the "domino theory." His scholarship and books have received great reviews and marked him as a rising star.
But that's not good enough for academia, which has shut him out. A better example of acadmia's liberal orthodoxy is difficult to find.

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