Sunday, May 15, 2005

CNN Laments the "Crime" of 1948

Sandy Wold Writes Her Copy?

Sandy Wold, the New Age anti-Israel wacko who recently worked a Jew-baiting diatribe into a guest column at the Ithaca Journal, has apparently received gainful employment--writing news copy for CNN.

That's the conclusion that I am forced to draw from the 11:15 p.m. news summary this evening, read by a straight-faced Carol Lin. Seems that Israel just celebrated Independence Day. But CNN--with Sandy Wold or some other Palestinian advocate at the keyboard--gave it the just right spin.

"Palestinians Commemorate Catastrophe" was the title of the news item, illustrated by a shot of Palestinian-flag-waving demonstrations Gaza, as Lin said in her usual chirpy style that Palestinians throughout the occupied territories commemorated what Mohammed Abbas described as a "crime."

That was it--CNN's objective and fair reporting Israel Independence Day. Let us congratulate Sandy on her new job!

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